LisaLine Lifescience Technologies Pvt Ltd.

is an established service provider for cold chain management since 1997. Lisaline introduced VVM (Vaccine Vail Monitors) in India for Polio vaccine. Since then focus of our company is to offer the innovative technologies for effective cold chain management. The Indian operation of Lisaline is catering the customers in India and South Asia, Whereas the operation in Dubai is serving the customers from Middle East region.
Today LisaLine is known for products and services to ensure Quality Cold Chain till last mile...


Effective & Economical Solution for Online, Real time & Multi-location Cold chain monitoring - Monitoring of Controlled temperature storage facilities.

KoolLine Data Services

img7Lisaline has successfully introduced innovative concepts in cold chain monitoring systems and have developed sustainable business over a decade. Company is managed by management team having rich and successful experience in marketing technology products, developing distribution network and also introducing new concepts in the markets. Lisaline team is keen to develop the suitable cold chain monitoring and maintaining strategy using combination of unique technologies as per customer needs. Lisaline is proud to be associated with various projects related to cold chain management of vaccines, diagnostic kits, blood banks, pharmaceutical distribution and so on.

img8Lisaline offer customized solution for effective cold chain management. The products and services are sourced from reliable suppliers from Europe, USA and South East Asia. The product range of Lisaline is grouped as cold chain monitoring and cold chain maintaining technologies. In addition in new facility in India we have started

Calibration Service- for In-lab & on site calibration
Mapping services- for cold chain facility
KOOL LINE - real time on line data-logging services
Indicator processing- for customization of temperature indicators as per your needs.

img9Lisaline is serving customers from the following sectors

Pharmaceuticals – production, quality and distribution of vaccines, biological s, Bio-pharmaceuticals, pharma companies
Research – Research laboratories , Clinical research organizations ( CROs), Animal houses, Hospitals.
Laboratories - Diagnostic labs, hospitals , blood banks.
Food – Food processing, distribution, retailing, Hotels and restaurants.
Logistic - Service providers, warehouses, transporters handling cold chain products of all above sectors.
Our Select Esteemed Customers in INDIA & S. ASIA