KoolLine - Data Services


The need for centralized real time monitoring of all the locations storing cold chain product is the need of the hour. Lisaline is pleased to introduce KOOL LINE data services - an effective & Economical Solution for online, real time monitoring of cold chain distribution

KoolLine - Data Services

Key Features of KoolLine Data Services

  • Measure

    Temperature, humidity of all storage's facilities across the distribution network.
  • User Defined

    Allows user defined setting of measurement and alert parameter.
  • Report Generation

    Generates reports in tabular and graphical formats for each client user. automatic alert generation by SMS, voice call, email etc.
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What is offered by KoolLine Data Services?

  • Supply & Installation of wireless data-logging system at all locations.

  • Data transfer from each location to centralized data collection.

  • Storing the data and managing the data server.

  • Active alert management system.

  • Providing real time data access of data to each client user.

  • Calibration of the sensors and supply of batteries as desired.

  • Maintenance of the entire multi-location installation during the contract period.