LIMS 24/7®

The perfect LIMS can only benefit your organization if it gets deployed. We frequently hear about difficulties that arise to disrupt, delay or even cancel LIMS installations. Listening to these stories over the past five years has helped us refine our process of deploying LIMS 24/7®.

Today, RURO’s Accelerated Implementation Method (AIM) delivers excellent results when the live date is critical.

The home screen of LIMS 24/7® begins much like a blank slate but is configured with hyperlinks, downloadable files, dashboards and other relevant content.

Solution Details

Solution Detail - LIMS
LIMS 24/7®

Solution Highlights

  • Applications: Academic/Research, Chemical/Petroleum, Biotech/Clinical, Food and Beverage, and more
  • Validation: Yes – Using cGMP
  • URL: Coming Soon

Benefits Of LIMS 24/7®

LIMS 24/7® Benefits Labs Through Automation: Automation is key to today’s successful labs – lessening demands on staff, ensuring the accuracy of results or other entered content, and providing the “big picture” to management in real-time.

LIMS 24/7® Benefits Labs with Compliance and Security: Compliance and Security are both of growing importance to most labs today. In fact, many labs adopt a LIMS primarily to help meet industry regulations.

LIMS 24/7® Benefits Its Users: LIMS are often evaluated post-deployment by the benefits users derive and the amount of efficiency achieved.

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LIMS 24/7®

LIMS 24/7®

LIMS 24/7®