Technical, Thermal Mapping & Calibration Service Support

Technical & Calibration Service Support

IN - LAB calibration services

for the sensors supplied by Lisaline as well as for other sensors used for measurement of Temperature and Humidity. The IN - LAB calibration will be performed as per ISO 17025. standards. Calibration of other parameters will be introduced in near future

ON - SITE calibration services

Lisaline team will provide ON - SITE calibration services for Temperature, Humidity, CO2% and other sensors supplied by Lisaline as well as sensors of other types. The ON - SITE calibration will be performed using calibrated sensor with tractability to ISO 17025. standards.


Using the ISO 17025. traceable sensors and mapping program facilities like walk in cold rooms, walk in freezers, lab equipment's, warehouses are mapped. A detailed mapping report will be submitted.