Cobalt 2
Wireless Datalogging System

Cobalt 2 is a wireless sensor-based data logger for temperature and other parameters

Reprogrammable Temperature Logger

Cobalt 2 – Most preferred wireless datalogging solution


More than 150,000 units of Cobalt 2 datalogger modules are deployed all over the world making it as the most proven datalogging solution for monitoring thermal and ambient conditions in static and mobile environments.

Cobalt 2 is a wireless sensor-based data logger for temperature and other parameters, to
monitor your refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers and deep freezers (-80°C), incubators, Nitrogen tanks, blood banks, clean rooms, and much more…

Components of Cobalt 2 system

Cobalt 2 Radio Modules
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Cobalt 2 radio modules 

Supplied with wide range of sensors covering various parameters.

1) Cobalt 2 with digital Temperature sensors (single or dual ):
Internal sensor: Range 0°C to + 50°C
External sensor: Range -40°C to + 80°C

2) Cobalt 2 with Precision Temperature sensors (PT 100):
Range -100°C to + 150°C / -200°C to + 50°C / +100°C to + 350°C

3) Cobalt 2 with dual sensors (Temperature & Humidity) Range :
-40°C to + 100°C & 0% to 99.9 %RH

4) Cobalt 2 with dual sensors (Temperature & CO2) Range :
0°C to + 50°C &  0% to 9.9 % CO2

5) Cobalt 2 with differential pressure sensor Internal sensor:
– 500 to +500 pa

Cobalt 2 radio receivers and repeaters

A choice of Cobalt radio receivers and repeaters to cater real time monitoring at single or multiple locations.
With wireless range up to 3 Km, Cobalt radio receivers support unlimited number of modules installed within range.
Receivers are available with standard 110V/240V AC and with Power on Ethernet (PoE)

Peak temperature indicators
Peak temperature indicator

Thermoclient Software Ver. 5.

The server-client software is a cornerstone of the Cobalt datalogging system which also includes advance Alert Management System.

It enables you to manage all the aspects of installation, configuration, data collection .

How does Cobalt 2 work?

Cobalt 2 modules are available with a variety of different sensors to cover all your
monitoring needs.

Cobalt 2 wireless temperature data loggers are easy to install and set up using the ThermoServer / ThermoClient software suite.

Modules collect data at programmable intervals, storing it first internally and then uploading readings and other information wirelessly to your ThermoServer computer.

Authorized users can access sensor readings at any time using the ThermoClient application for Windows.

Data can also be made available on smartphones and tablets by synchronizing with the OCEACloud platform (optional).

In case of excursions or technical issues, alerts are sent 24/7 via OCEASOFT’s robust alert platform  by e-mail, SMS/text message, or voice message.

Cobalt Wireless datalogging system typical layout

USB Temperature Data Logger

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