Cumulative Time Temperature Indicators

Biological temperature indicator

HEATmarker® is a time-temperature integrator that is applied to temperature-sensitive products to monitor the combined effects of time and temperature.

The complex chemistry of HEATmarker® indicator integrates time and temperature and provides the visual information on the temperature exposure during the supply chain of the product from the manufacturing to the consumer. It monitors a cumulative heat exposure throughout shelf life of the product. They are chosen by the manufacturer based on the stability of the product being monitored.

HEATmarker® VVM has been used to monitor the temperature exposure of vaccines since 1996, (as recommended by the WHO and UNICEF).  Its gradual and permanent irreversible color change  visually shows healthcare workers whether there has been a cumulative heat exposure of the vaccine from the time the VVM is affixed to the vaccine vial by the manufacturer – until the product is used.

HEATmarker VVM+, a key innovation for  the Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC)initiative ,  combines traditional VVM cumulative heat indication with innovative peak temperature indication technology.Temptime developed HEATmarker VVM+ specifically for monitoring heat stable vaccines.  It provides healthcare workers a new level of assurance, in the same historic format as the traditional VVM.  VVM+ visually shows whether there has been either a cumulative heat exposure or a peak heat threshold exposure.

HEATmarker® Time-Temperature Heat Indicator

Combined effects of time and temperature cause gradual and cumulative degradation of many temperature-sensitive medical products.

HEATmarker® is a miniaturized, self-adhesive cumulative time temperature indicator that is affixed by the manufacturer to individual units which provides irreversible visual signal of heat exposure over time.

Visual Heat Indication

The HEATmarker® contains a square area of color-changing material (Active Surface) surrounded by a circle of fixed color

When the color of the square matches or is darker than the circle, the HEATmarker® is indicating that the product has been exposed to potentially damaging heat. 

HEATmarker® in Dot or Full label format

  • Indicator color changes gradually when
    exposed to heat over time

  • The rate of color development is correlated to the heat stability of the product

  • Monitors heat exposure during storage and
    handling of products until the time of use

  • Signals if a specific temperature profile that
    may be damaging, has been reached

A Self-Adhesive Indicator in a roll for application on variety of surfaces like vials, flip off seals, prefill syringes etc. Choice of more than 20 standards categories to meet temperature stability profile of your time temperature sensitive product.

HEATmarker® in TransTracker card/ Label format

TransTracker® H, is a customized card/ self-adhesive label with choice of HEATmarker® indicator.

The self-adhesive labels are fixed on the primary carton of pharmaceutical product, test kits etc.

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