Temperature Indicators designed for blood bags

Non reversible temperature-
sensitive indicators

Safe-T-Vue® temperature-sensitive indicators are designed to help blood banks, blood collection centers and transfusion services improve compliance and preserve valuable blood supplies. Available in 6ºC and 10ºC indication temperatures, Safe-T-Vue® temperature- sensitive indicators easily adhere directly to blood bags during refrigeration, transport and temporary storage. They are ideally suited for use by blood banks, blood collection centers and transfusion services to maintain compliance control in transport and storage of blood products.

Safe-T-Vue® 10 

A non-reversible temperature Indicator for Blood Products and Temperature-Sensitive Biologicals. It takes the guesswork out of whether or not blood products, plasma and RBCs have maintained temperature compliance during transport.

Ideal for blood banks, blood collection centers and transfusion services, Safe-T-Vue 10 attaches directly to blood bags to help maintain quality control during temporary storage and transport. Safe-T-Vue 10 changes color from white to red when the 10°C indication temperature has been reached or exceeded. As long as the indicator remains white, temperatures have remained at or below 10°C and the blood product may be stored for future use.

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