Customized card with suitable temperature indicators

TransTracker ®

TransTracker ®  temperature indicators are single-use devices that monitor heat, freeze or dual heat-freeze exposures of temperature-sensitive products during shipping and storage. TransTracker devices are customized cards designed to meet your specific temperature monitoring needs.

TransTracker cards are made with suitable type of LIMITmarker and/or FREEZEmarker® indicators. Detailed instructions for reading the indicator(s), customized
branding and messaging can be printed on the card.

Applications for TransTracker Temperature Indicators

  • Specialty Pharmacies
  • Mail-Order Pharmacies
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors

TransTracker indicators can also be placed inside multiple unit secondary packages or shipping boxes to monitor temperature ranges during transportation and short-term storage.

KoolTemp-Temperture Indicator Card

Types of Transtracker Devices

Transtracker-F Irreversible Visual Temperature Indicator
Biological temperature indicator
Transtracker-C Heat-freeze Shipping Temperature Indicator
Transtracker D-Irreversible Visual Temperature Indicator

TransTracker F with LIMITmarker F

TransTracker C with FREEZEmarker

TransTracker D with LIMITmarker I

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