Cold Chain Services

Installation and commissioning, After-sales service under warranty period Preventive annual maintenance contract for services post-warranty period

Lisaline team is always available to provide the customers fast and prompt service with a solution – based approach. Our strategy is focused on delivering a best of class customer service experience. The national presence and relationships with leading clients allow us to provide convenience. Our expertise, with our NABL calibration lab, Validation services, PQS Lab are unmatched in providing best support to the customers.

Multisensory single use data logger

Calibration Services

Lisaline offers onsite and inlab calibration services for temperature, humidity, Co2 sensors. The in-lab calibration services are performed in the NABL accredited ISO 17025 certified lab.

The laboratory accreditation has given Lisaline lab a formal recognition of technical competence for calibration of sensors as per the international standards. The calibration of the sensors are conducted as per international standards by a trained & efficient team of Lisaline.

After Sales Service

Lisaline team provides the annual maintenance contract services to companies who are using the products such as wireless datalogging system and mobile refrigerated units. The service team is available across India and South Asia to provide these services. Scope of Lisaline under the after sales service:

1) Installation and Commissioning with IQ, OQ validation
2) Maintenance services under warranties
3) Preventive annual maintenance contract post warranty period
4) Repairs and onsite support

Lisaline Sales Team
Lisaline Mapping Services

Mapping Services

Using the ISO 17025 certified measurement sensors the thermal mapping services are conducted for various rooms such as labs, walk in cold rooms, warehouses, etc.

The formal reports for the mapping are submitted using an in-house developed software. The mapping services are conducted as per the certified protocol by the trained and efficient team of Lisaline.

  • 24-hour loaded and empty mapping or as per customer protocol available
  • Open door and power failure studies
  • Use of NABL certified wireless or standard data loggers systems for all studies
  • Protocols reviewed and approved by the customers before the technician arrives on site for testing

Validation Services

Lisaline provides the validation process. Box Validation is a process that verifies whether an shipment boxes performs according to its intended purpose, meeting predetermined specifications and requirements consistently.

Validation contributes to quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

Validation Services

Device Testing services

Lisaline has conducted many tests for the products and submitted the reports to WHO for PQS qualification. Before a product or device can be added to the PQS database, it must be tested.

Verification establishes whether a specific product from a specific manufacturer satisfies the requirements of the relevant PQS performance specification. Please get in touch with Lisaline for PQS E006 testing for Electronic & Chemical temperature measuring devices.

ISO 17025 certified in-house lab services

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