Innovative Cold chain
technologies to manage
the DEGREE° from
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For last 20 years Lisaline has expanded their product range and services with innovative technologies and unique solutions for cold chain management. Today, we are privileged to connect with our customers in India, South Asia and Middle East region with exceptional solutions to monitor the conditions during storage and shipment at various stages of supply chain.


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Cold Chain Monitoring & Maintaining Products

Environmental Monitoring System
Cobalt 2 Radio Modules
Portable Food Freezers
CF Thermoelectric Food Cooler
Cold Chain Carrier Bags
Cold Chain Carrier Bags
Wireless Temperature Data Logger
Cumulative heat exposure indicator
Heat-freeze shipping temperature indicator
Temperature monitoring cards

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Proven Coldchain Solutions for Industires

Find the perfect mix of temperature monitoring solutions suitable for your industry. 

Wireless datalogging in pharmaceutical
Pharma Manufacturing
USB Temperature Data Logger
Pharma Supply Chain
Vaccine temperature exposure monitoring
Vaccines and Biologicals
Biological temperature indicator
Hospitals & Laboratories

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