Cobalt X series

The latest OCEASOFT data logger, Cobalt X2, revolutionizes equipment monitoring for temperature and other physical parameters

Cumulative vaccine heat indicator

Cobalt X – New Generation environmental monitoring system

Tomorrow’s monitoring today . Cobalt X 2 datalogger is designed to configure with up to 4 sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2% and more. Cobalt X 2 uses LoRaWan long range wireless connectivity. LoRaWAN™ is an energy-saving protocol that protects the battery life. With color touch screen modules Cobalt X offers perfect solution monitoring several pieces of equipments simultaneously.

Components of Cobalt X system

CF Thermoelectric Food Cooler
MCF Compressor Coolbox

Cobalt X 2 radio modules

An unprecedented concentration of technology offers optimal performance and flexible operation.

  • Supports long-range LoRaWanTM wireless protocol and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
    Bright, full-color, touch screens for incomparable ease-of use.
  • Supports combinations of up to eight sensors including
    Smart Sensors and/or OCEASOFT Emerald™ sensors.

Cobalt View Web application

CobaltView designed for new generation datalogging is a new web application which
integrates data with OCEASOFT Cloud service, enables viewing of sensor data , alerts
management and printing reports.

CobaltView uses cloud platform , developed in
accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 complaint, GMP, GDP guidelines and sends alerts
by email, SMS/text messages or voice messages using OCEAlert system.

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How does Cobalt X system work?

The Cobalt X2 solution was designed to make installation as fast and easy as possible.

Generally only need one receiver is required for entire site, thanks to the performance of LoRaWAN long-range wireless connectivity.

Cobalt X2 modules are placed at suitable location measurement points.

Smart-Sensors or digital sensors are plugged and the wireless blue tooth dataloggers are paired with Cobalt X2. Sensors are placed in each equipment as required

Wireless sensors send their data via Bluetooth to the Cobalt X2 module, which transfers data from all the sensors over the network to the Cloud

The Cobalt X2 touch-screen shows readings and also allows you to acknowledge alarms if necessary (requires a PIN code).

The  OCEAView web application  enables you to manage your entire system, equipment, users, and data.

When excursions or other anomalies are detected, a highly visible color alert is displayed on the Cobalt X2 module, and you will also receive alerts 24/7 by e-mail or by SMS/text and/or voice message via the optional  OCEAlert platform .

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