Temperature data logger featuring
Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity

Emerald data logger monitors temperature throughout your products entire shipping cycle.

Emerald, Bluetooth temperature data logger

The latest generation Emerald module, a small footprint Bluetooth-enabled temperature sensor, fits neatly inside nearly any type of container, compartment, or enclosure. Programming is fast and easy using the free DICKSONView mobile application for iOS and Android.

Module with internal sensor: -40°C to +85°C

Module with connector for external sensor: Pt100 sensor -200°C to +50°C

  • Immediate, delayed, or programmed data logging start
  • Calibration options by DICKSON laboratory: ISO/ IEC 17025 (COFRAC) accredited Up to 16,000 readings in internal memory; unlimited storage on Cloud (voucher purchase required)
  • E-mail alerts via DICKSONView Web application

How it works?

Configure your Emerald module with the DICKSONView mobile app on your smartphone or use DICKSONBench for high-volume scenarios.

Place the Emerald module in the space to be monitored. With Bluetooth® wireless technology, sensor readings can be collected at any time, even through packaging.

Data is recorded in module memory, then typically transmitted to the DICKSONView Cloud platform via DICKSONView Mobile or DICKSONBridge at any point along the logistics chain.

Alerts are displayed in the mobile app or sent by e-mail immediately when detected by the DICKSONView Cloud


Collecting data from Atlas and Emerald modules automatically

DICKSONBridge collects the sensor readings stored by DICKSONSOFT Atlas and Emerald data loggers. Ideal for product transport and shipping scenarios.

  • Collects data logger readings automatically and forwards to DICKSONCloud platform
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Bluetooth® Smart, Ethernet/Wi-Fi (and/or cellular network)
  • Reduces manual intervention required to read data, lowers operating costs LED activity indicators
  • Bluetooth® Smart connectivity for low-energy communication and secure exchange with data loggers, range up to 50 meters (about 150 ft.)
  • Internet connectivity via Ethernet or Wi-Fi or 4G sim card
  • Automatic detection of data loggers within Bluetooth® wireless range
  • Automatic data transfer to DICKSONCloud
  • Unlimited storage on DICKSONCloud

DICKSONView Web for Atlas & Emerald

DICKSONView for Atlas and Emerald is a web application that centralizes data from your mobile Bluetooth® data loggers, sent by DICKSONView Mobile or via the DICKSONBridge gateway.

  • Shows detailed data from your remote Atlas and Emerald, modules in a convenient web-based solution
  • Offers live view of modules monitored in DICKSONView Mobile’s Watch mode or by the DICKSONBridge gateway
  • Generates reports in PDF, MS Excel, and .CSV formats
  • Based on the secure DICKSONCloud online platform Displays data saved and forwarded from module memory, or “Live” data from modules being monitored in Watch Mode with DICKSONView or uploaded via DICKSONBridge Geotagging using mobile device’s GPS, representing each event with an indicator on the map using color coding to show mission status

Alarms and alerts

  • Color coding indicates sensor alarm status at a glance
  • Excursion alarm notification by platform via e-mail

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