Pharma Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Sector: deals with vaccines, Biological’s, bio-pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diagnostic kits, etc.

Cold Chain in Pharma Supply

Cold Chains are hot: Managing the challenges of distributing Temperature Sensitive product

Drugs are complex entities and many of these are temperature sensitive in nature.

The Temperature Controlled Pharmaceuticals ( TCP)  products required to be stored under different temperature conditions.

Risks of cold chain breaks in pharma supply chain  


Pharma manufacturing process results in finished pharmaceutical products which are stored in Finished goods warehouse. The products are distributed to all the markets. During distribution products undergoes various transportation and storage conditions from primary to secondary and ultimately though last mile distribution. The risk of exposing the temperature controlled pharmaceutical product to undesirable temperature increases with every level of distribution .  

Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Monitoring solutions for Pharma Supply Chain  

Lisaline offers wide range of datalogging devices for monitoring cold chain at various levels of pharma supply chain  

Monitoring of TCP products during storage

The TCP products are shipped from Finished goods store to primary distribution centers. The F.G. Stores, distribution center requires following types of monitoring of facilities and cold chain equipments
Storage conditions Facility/ Equipment Monitoring parameter
Frozen ( for products , coolants) Walk in Freezer rooms , Freezers Temperature
Refrigerated Walk in Cold rooms , refrigerators Temperature
Cool , controlled room temp. CRT warehouses Temperature , Humidity

Lisaline offers complete solution to monitor the multiple facilities and cold chain equipments across distribution storing TCP products at real time with active alert systems.  
Lisaline have successfully implemented centralized real time multi – location datalogging solutions from Oceasoft (a Dickson company) for many pharma distribution, logistic service provider and food distribution customers.

Cobalt2-Reprogrammable Temperature Logger

Multi- location Wireless datalogging solution

Cobalt 2 wireless dataloggers with required sensor for all measurement points and the TCP/IP receiver are installed at each site.

Cobalt dataloggers transmits measured data wirelessly to receiver . All the receivers from different locations are linked to server PC through network connectivity.

The Client – Server Software enables users to program dataloggers as well as access data at real time and generate user defined alarms vis SMS, phone call, email, hooter.

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Monitoring of TCP products during shipment

The TCP products are shipped in required temperature conditions using a) Insulated boxes with passive cooling b) temperature controlled vehicles c) active cooling boxes. 
It is essential to monitor the temperature of transport boxes carrying TCP products. Shipment dataloggers are simple to use , cost effective devices. Lisaline offers range of shipment dataloggers.

Single and Multiple use PDF dataloggers

Cost-effective, innovative data-loggers. These unique, easy to use devices offers a quality solution for shipment temperature monitoring for international and domestic shipments

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Now check temperature wirelessly using your smart-phone. All you need is a smart-phone to check stored temperature readings wirelessly. No dedicated equipment, docking stations, or complex computer installations required.

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