tempmate.® GS2

Multi sensory single-use Datalogger

tempmate.®- GS2
Single use datalogger

Single use Real Time datalogger for Temperature, Humidity, Light, Impact and LocationKey features of tempmate.®- GS

  • New and large LCD Display makes checking the status more convenient.
  • Detects location, light with choice of sensors viz. Internal Temperature, Temperature & Humidity, External Sensor
tempmate-GS2 Monitoring Card
Real Time Icon

Available Worldwide*
The built-in SIM card provides with worldwide GSM connectivity

Real-Time Tracking
Thanks to GSM and cloud support, check the status of your goods at any time

Predictive Alert
Detecting negative trends and eliminating it in time before it is too late.


Wide range of Applications
For any kind of local and international shipment

Simple Configuration
Preconfigured parameters can be adjusted in the tempmate.®-Cloud.

All inclusive costs with hardware, worldwide SIM,
cloud access etc.

tempmate-GS Table Guide
tempmate-GS Monitoring Solution

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