tempmate.® – M2

Multi-use PDF USB datalogger with Display

Multiple Use PDF USB datalogger with Display

Monitoring your supply chain has never been easier

The intuitive one-button operation gives you information about the current status of your goods at any time, and the new and large LCD makes checking the status more convenient. The hard cover of the tempmate.®-S2 makes it robust and resistant to external influences and the removable protective cap allows an intermediate readout without affecting the IP protection of the device.

Key features of tempmate.® S2
  • The simple replacement of the battery allows countless uses
  • The current values can be called up at any time via the generous display
  • The additional wall amount allows the unit to be used as a
    mobile or stationary unit
  • Can be reconfigured at any time via the integrated HTML configurator *


  • Automatic PDF & CSV generation ensures easy workflow
  • No additional software required
  • External sensors can reliably record even extremely high or low temperatures
  • High precision digital sensors ensure reliable recording
  • One device in one packaging unit


IP 67

Temperature Range
-30°C to +70°C

EN 12830

PDF + CSV Report


How to use tempmate.® M2

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