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Environmental monitoring solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Environmental monitoring solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

All pharmaceutical companies that are regulated by the FDA, values the importance of monitoring environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, CO2% etc.

FDA regulation requires monitoring of various environmental parameters as per GxP guidelines and regulations including principles of quality assurance. The objective is to reduce the risk to the patient safety as well to ensure product quality and data integrity.

Lisaline offers centralized wireless datalogging solution to monitor environmental parameters required for your manufacturing facilities 

Requirements of environmental monitoring?

In a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant following types of facilities and equipment monitoring is required at real time. 

Lisaline offers Wireless datalogging system from Oceasoft (a Dickson company) which serves the perfect solution to monitor various parameters in pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and the same system can be also used in research laboratories, animal houses etc.

Environmental Monitoring Solution in Pharma Manufacturing


  • Temp
  • Humidity
  • Other process parameters


  • Temp.
  • Humidity
  • Differential Pressure


  • Temp.
  • Humidity


  • Temp.
  • Humidity

QC Testing

  • Temp
  • Humidity
  • CO2%
  • Other parameters

  • Temp.
  • Humidity

Types of wireless datalogging systems offered

Cobalt 2
Wireless datalogging system

Includes wireless sensor-based data logger to monitor your cold rooms, freezers and deep freezers (-80°C), clean rooms, and much more. Cobalt uses radio frequency to transfer logged data from datalogger to receiver.

The 21 CFR complaint Client-Server based software provides the real time data with reports, audit trail and active alerts.

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Cobalt X
New – generation datalogging system

With up to 4 channels using long range LoRaWAN wireless connectivity :
Cobalt X2, revolutionizes wireless datalogging. Cobalt X offers color touch-screen with key information and alarm acknowledgment. Connect to any combination of up to 4 wired and/or Bluetooth wireless sensors with automatic sensor detection. System offers real time alters and alerts and remote access of data using web app.

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