Freezing event Indicators

There are many cold chain medical products which are freeze sensitive. These products can be damaged and lose effectiveness due to freezing particularly in the following situations –
• Dropping of cold store temperature below the freezing temperature
• Damage to the product may go unnoticed If the freeze event is followed by a thaw
• Risk of freezing of the product due to use of frozen coolants during transportation

Freeze Indicator

FREEZEmarker ®  is a single-use freeze indicator that provides an easy-to-read, irreversible visual signal when a freeze event at or below the response temperature occurs. It is adhesive-backed and can be applied directly to product surfaces or packaging.

The green circle and white checkmark are visible in the indication window at temperatures above the response temperature. When exposed to temperatures at or below the response temperature, the green circle and white checkmark will turn partially or completely white
(opaque/cloudy), showing that a temperature excursion has occurred and endpoint has been reached. If uncertain whether the end point has been reached, users can press the circle with their fingertips to evenly distribute the white particles.

Freezemarker-Single use Temperature Indicator

Visual Freeze Indication

Single-use Freeze Indicator

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